Mobile Payments

Case Study

Left cash at home? No problem!

The latest scenario developed by Reply that Banca Sella has chosen to extend its mobile-payments services by taking forward the experimental innovations begun with Up Mobile, is mobile POS. This acquiring solution exploits synergies between a smartphone or tablet and a PIN pad – a simple device that can read traditional payment cards.

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IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from The brink: Smart Beacons in Banks III

This third paper on Smart Beacons presents Reply’s expertise in this domain, as well as two projects the Group has worked on which involve the use of Smart Beacon technologies.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks II

This second paper provides detailed examples of how Smart Beacons are currently used and have the potential to be used in banks.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks

This first paper introduces the use of Smart Beacons within the Banking Sector. It posits that ‘Smart Beacons’ can help bank branches to transform customer experience and offer more personalised services.


Best Practice


Retailers, financial-services firms, telecommunications companies, utilities and terminal manufacturers will be instrumental in the developments that change how new consumers choose what to consume, how they make purchases and payments, and how they communicate with service businesses over the coming years. Reply supports all the main players in the processes of creating and delivering innovative Mobile Commerce services.

Mobile solutions

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Smartphones and Mobile terminals have changed the habits of users in the last few years. Our Mobile solutions considers this change and offers users an optimal user experience and real value in mobile scenarios. We conceive, create and develop native apps for the major smartphone and tablet platforms, web apps and mobile websites. Individually for every business.

Mobile Website

Case Study

Reply makes BASF mobile

More and more visitors access the internet website of BASF via smartphones. On the BASF’s new mobile website, smartphone users should be able to access relevant information everywhere on the go in the days to come. Reply developed a field and design concept for the bilingual mobile company website advised BASF during the technical implementation.

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Mobile Publishing

Gaia Reply™

Mobile Living Framework

Gaia Reply™ is an innovative and unique ecosystem made by technologies, assets and IT and strategic consulting professional services to help companies to remove the complexity of developing and managing multiple solutions for every digital channel and device. If you’re looking for a flexible, secure and scalable and investment-free option, you can opt for SaaS (Software as a Service).


Web development

Best Practice

Responsive Web Design

Web development is a complex mix of new development technologies and increasing user expectation fuelled by the consumers love for new Internet browsing technology. One such complexity is which web design and development approach to adopt in order to achieve maximum reach across all devices whilst delivering the most optimal experience for the user.

Augmented Reality

Best Practice

Looking to the future of augmented reality

In the era of Google Glass, Oculus, 3D printing and technology applications that affect every aspect of our lives, augmented reality (AR) has a central role. The potential applications are limitless. They span numerous sectors, from training on installation maintenance to technical design of spaces such as shops, industrial installations and booths, from ecommerce to tourism, and from marketing to education.

Mobile App

Case Study


New devices like TouchPCs and Smartphones offer their users exciting new functionalities. Sky invites his clients to a new experience on iPhone and iPad: important sport events online – wherever you are. The applications have been developed by Reply and can be downloaded in Apple’s App Store. The applications are designed for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Wearable Technology

Hot Spot

Play with Us

If you are interested in exploiting AR or the latest wearable devices, like Google Glass or Oculus, to expand your business, contact us for more information on the projects and trials that we have run.


Mobile Payments


Pay Reply

The increasing use of smartphones and mobile commerce services has led to exceptional growth in the demand for remote and proximity payment services. Pay Reply is Reply's centre of expertise, specialising in consultancy services and technology platforms for mobile payments. ​



Best Practice

Mobile Device Management Testing

Concept Reply offers innovative solutions to solve the problems of testing in a range of contexts (from Telco&Media to Banking and Automotive). Concept Reply highly flexible and effective approach can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

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Proximity Commerce

Proximity Commerce is the vision of Reply of how purchases will be made in the future, with a solution that supports a personalized and innovative purchasing experience: from contextualized marketing communications and the ability to ‘virtualize’ and manage loyalty cards, to mobile payments, using networked devices and objects; this is the full deal.


Best Practice


In today’s highly competitive market Reply offers the end-to-end expertise and innovation to create a thriving mobile application ecosystem. Reply Applications Factory manages all the steps from creating strategy to idea generation all the way through to the final development of completed applications.

Game & Mobile App


Reply let Barbie Fashionistas come to life

Reply has implemented a mobile App that acts as a virtual dressing room allowing the end users to change in real time the outfit of a 3D Barbie.​


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14.04.2014 /

Press Article

Over-the-air update 'key' to Tesco's Hudl tablet launching on time

Open Reply supported Tesco as a key development partner in the creation of Hudl, Tesco’s new 7 inch HD tablet.


News & Communication

Survey reveals almost two thirds of retailers now operate four or more customer touch points

A recent retailer survey from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply has revealed that channel integration is proving increasingly difficult as more and more retailers turn multichannel in an effort to engage with their customers.

Multichannel Commerce


The Challenges of Realising a True Multichannel Vision

Portaltech Reply and eDigitalResearch have once again undertaken this important piece of research to understand how the market has changed and what more needs to be done to help retailers better achieve their multichannel vision.