Social Networking & Collaboration

The increased popularity of social networks, those within the context of the Enterprise included, drive the development of new software methods and applications that emphasise sharing and collaboration.

Social Networking within and outside the Enterprise

Where Social Networking is concerned, Reply is also targeting the world of Business: added to specific solutions aimed at maximising client and stakeholder web participation (Social Engagement), the implementation of correct instruments for engaging and monitoring conversation and interaction among communities (Social Listening), Reply bases its offer on the proprietary platform TamTamy™, which has adopted a SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing delivery model.

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Focus On TamTamy™

Social Network Platform

TamTamy™ responds to companies’ ever-increasing requirements involving the facilitating and sharing of individual knowledge, collaboration and new forms of communication.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

TamTamy and SharePoint

Reply leverages the strengths of TamTamy™ and SharePoint Platforms: TamTamy’s specific focus on Social Media is blended with SharePoint 2010 to build the best solution for Collaboration and Productivity with a Unified Infrastructure tailored to suit business needs.

TamTamy™ in the Cloud

Social Networking as a Service

TamTamy™ ( is a software solution for creating and developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities. TamTamy™ builds social relationships within and outside the enterprise and is delivered as a service, remotely managed and accessed online.