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Among the many challenges facing today’s CIO, that posed by security must rank as one of the most pressing.  Security encompasses the entire organisation: the people; the processes; the technology; the information. The threat landscape is changing constantly. The skills of criminals and fraudsters are becoming ever more ingenious; while the world’s media ensure that sensitive security breaches are highly visible.

Enabling Enterprise Security

Reply has an integrated, consistent and complete offer to support its customers in the development of suitable strategies and adequate solutions for effective management of Business Security & Data Protection. Reply's mission is to allow its clients' companies to perform their business in a secure environment  and to establish trust-based relationships with their interlocutors, by taking into consideration all aspects relating to risks associated to an IT system.

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Focus On

Reply's Offer for Business Security

Reply developed a comprehensive, integrated and consistent offer, in order to tackle any aspect of risks associated to an information system.

Best Practice

Enterprise Security

Improving or maintaining the enterprise security is a continuous process, that must be based on a robust, enterprise-level security architecture.

Case Study

Matrix and

Spike Reply and Matrix, a company of the Telecom Italia Group specialized in the creation of Web 2.0 services and in marketing on web and mobile channels, developed and implemented an innovative management process of all aspects concerning the functional and technology security of its products.