Regulatory & Compliance

It is not only since the global economic crisis that the banking system has been confronted with new regulatory, market-related and operative requirements. These demand increased corporate transparency and insight in order to estimate risks better in the future and secure long-term success.

Reply focuses on:

  • answering strategic questions on bank control
  • implementing supervisory reporting requirements
  • support in selecting standard applications for supervisory reporting
  • optimising processes in regulatory reporting and risk management
  • securing ongoing regulatory reporting operation

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Focus On

Corporate Finance

The services offered by Reply mainly include activities related to “due diligence” and business plan drafting.

Internal Audit

Reply offers competences related to Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance integrated with Administration and Finance related knowledge and with Information Technology skills.

Risk Management

Risk Management Efficiency

Reply aims at enhancing corporate culture and already consolidated business practices.

Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Reply offers its services based on in-depth and substantial competences in the area of Risk Management (with reference to international standards), Business Processes, Finance and Information Technology.


Xuccess-Portfolio Risk Management Application

The X-PRiMA tool (Xuccess-Portfolio Risk Management Application) allows credit institutes to generate meaningful risk indices to assess credit portfolios. The tool is user-friendly, intuitive to use, very flexible in technical terms and can be adapted to a wide range of different data and system environments.