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SCM as a Service

In order to meet companies’ requirements in the areas of visibility, collaboration and efficiency within the supply chain, Reply has developed the SideUp Reply™ suite, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for logistics and distribution execution. SideUp Reply™ is the innovative cloud computing offering, which increases Efficiency in the supply chain and provides real-time Visibility of significant data and events by leveraging the extensive Collaboration between all players in the network.

  • Visibility: addresses issues of trading partner connectivity and communication in the supply chain. The Cloud, as the ultimate enabler for accessing and sharing information, is a natural platform for collaboration and integration between customers, suppliers and service providers.
  • Efficiency: operational optimisation and real-time process control. The combination of Cloud & Mobile technologies enables control to extend to all areas and players along the supply chain. The simplicity and usability of SideUp solutions, together with acquisition of heterogeneous (non-structured) data (photos, GPS location, etc.), enable effective and collaborative management of operations throughout the supply chain.

SideUp Reply™

SideUp Reply™ is a Cloud Computing suite for warehouse and inventory management, transportation-based cross-docking , vehicle optimisation and "track and trace" services. A key focus is the operational efficiency in the distribution of products to the final customer or retail outlets.
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Costco UK’s eCommerce powered by Reply

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an international wholesale membership warehouse club with over 600 warehouses around the world. The company offers products spanning a wide range of categories and price points, ranging from groceries, to technology, to jewellery. It operates through 22 warehouses in the UK.

Reply supported Costco providing an end-to-end service offering to deploy the new commerce operation rapidly, at a low cost and with reduced project risk. Reply for the logistics and supply chain aspect implemented its proprietary SaaS warehouse management solution SideUp Reply™.
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