Business Process Management

Even more global markets are driving competitive pressure up. Product life cycles are contracting and markets are characterized by dynamic change. Companies are not only introducing newly designed products and services to set themselves apart from their competition. They are also developing new marketing ideas and tapping into completely new business fields. As part of this effort, business processes are optimized, modified or developed from the ground up.

Business considerations and Process chains to gain competitiveness

Software and applications must not only make standard workflows available on a regular basis, they also have to be flexible enough to support innovation and new developments. A Business Process Management (BPM) methodology is needed to achieve flexibility and responsiveness, perceived as essential issues by today’s companies. While a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) makes all technical functions available as encapsulated Web services and pursues a distributed software approach, BPM combines and groups these granular services based on business considerations and process chains. Reply proved its know-how helping clients to react to change in a flexible way and to gain competitiveness.

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Process and Data Management

Process Management deals with continuity, performance and accuracy. Efficiency and effectiveness are the key points of success for a Process.