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Business Intelligence (BI) is the intelligent handling of business data to gain knowledge for managing and optimizing company operations. Business Intelligence starts with the entire data acquisition process and also includes utilizing this data as the basis for decision-making in specialist tasks as well as in company-wide planning and management tasks.

Business and Technology Know-How

To one side, organizations require sophisticated reporting and BI tools in order to make the most of the available data. To the other side, the key to an effective BI solution is an equally effective data services infrastructure. Reply provides support to companies as they prepare for and implement goal-based Business Intelligence and Data Services applications. This includes issues relating to technical and specialist planning and design, deployment and live operations.

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Focus On SaaS Solutions

Analytics as a Service

Reply accompanies its clients in the design and development of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing SaaS solutions for Corporate Performance Management, Business Analytics and Customer Behaviour Analytics. Reply also offers the SaaS version of a proprietary Risk Management platform, Definio Reply™. It  is a web hosted analytical tool that wraps sophisticated functions for the management, analysis and reporting of financial  portfolios.

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