12.05.2016 / Luxembourg


Executive Meeting Reply: Blockchain Technology, a true game changer

On Thursday 12 May 2016, Reply hosts an Executive Meeting, dedicated to Blockchain – Bitcoin in a clear framework of business innovation. The event takes place at Le Royal Hotel & Resort, Luxembourg​.​

11.05.2016 / London


FRTB Breakfast Clinic

To overcome the challenges of imple​mentation, the British Bankers’ Association in association with Avantage Reply are running a series of unique FRTB and CVA peer to peer breakfast clinics.​

10.05.2016 - 12.05.2016 / Birmingham


Multimodal 2016

@logistics Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in the planning and development of integrated Supply Chain Execution solutions, takes part in the 9th edition of Multimodal, the UK and Ireland’s premier freight transport, logistics and supply chain management event.​

04.05.2016 / Rome


ABI event on Banks’ Pain Management

On Wednesday 4th May 2016, Avantage Reply holds a speech titled AnaCredit - tools, solvency organizational models to the next ABI event on bank’s pain management.

04.05.2016 / Amsterdam


FRTB Masterclass

On Wednesday 4th May 2016, Avantage Reply hosts a FRTB Masterclass. The session will provide an in-depth insight into latest developments.

28.04.2016 / Milan


SAS Forum Milan 2016

Target Reply and Santer Reply take part in the SAS Forum Milan 2016, the forum organised by SAS in order to present the Analytics' power in many areas of application: from Customer Intelligence to Risk Management, from Fraud Management to Business Transformation.

28.04.2016 / Milan


How to fight back against Cryptolocker

Communication Valley Reply, in collaboration with Cisco, hosts the workshop “How to fight back against Cryptolocker”, on 28 April 2016 at the Reply Cyber Security Command Center​, and ​​focused on the Cryptolocker trojan.

26.04.2016 / London


Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2016

Sytel Reply takes part in "Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2016"​, the UK’s leading event for the discussion of Information security, cyber security and risk management across every business sector, now in its fifth edition.

25.04.2016 - 28.04.2016 / Berlin


13. IS-U Annual forum: EVU Prozess & IT Tage. Processes and IT for energy suppliers.

Power Reply is partner of the 13th IS-U annual forum about processes and IT for energy supply companies and public utilities taking place in Berlin, 25-28 April 2016.

25.04.2016 - 29.04.2016 / Hannover


Hannover Messe 2016

Cluster Reply takes part in the Hannover Messe, the leading event dealing with Industry 4.0 topics, taking place in Hanover, 25 – 29 April 2016.

20.04.2016 - 21.04.2016 / Turin


Affidabilità e Tecnologie 2016

Concept Reply, the Reply group Research & Development center on Internet of Things, takes part in "Affidabilità e Tecnologie 2016"​, the international exhibition dedicated to integrated solutions for smart factory.

19.04.2016 / Milan


Microsoft Forum 2016

Cluster Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in the development of solutions based on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Gold Partner, takes part in Microsoft Forum 2016 with two speeches: "The Illumia case - Data Analytics Tools for CxO" and "From multi-channel loyalty card the assignment: Dynamics AX and CRM to the center of innovation in the Retail".

15.04.2016 / Assago


MicroStrategy Symposium Series

Target Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in the implementation of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, takes part in "MicroStrategy Symposium Series", organised by Microstrategy. The event is focused on Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Dashboard design and development of Mobile applications.

14.04.2016 / Milan


AWS Summit 2016

Storm Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in the design and delivery of innovative services and solutions in Cloud, takes part in "AWS Summit 2016". The Amazon Web Services event is focused on Public Cloud technological offering.

14.04.2016 / Lomagna


Product Lifecycle Management: a strategic approach to innovate and compete

Business Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in software innovation processes and Oracle Platinum Partner, hosts the event "Product Lifecycle Management: a strategic approach to innovate and compete" in collaboration with Oracle.

12.04.2016 / Berlin


AWS Summit Berlin 2016

Storm Reply takes part in AWS Summit 2016, the biggest event around Amazon Web Services in Germany, which takes place on April 12th 2016 in Berlin.

12.04.2016 - 17.04.2016 / Milan


Reply Smart Park

Reply is actively involved in the Tortona Design Week with its own innovative project entitled Reply Smart Park. Reply Smart Park, thanks to a creative journey built on Design Thinking, is an accelerator of ideas and imagination.

07.04.2016 - 08.04.2016 / Rome


Dimensione Cliente 2016

Reply takes part in Dimensione Cliente, the ABI institutional event on Retail dedicated to the relationship between the Bank and the Retail Customer, now in its tenth edition. Reply holds the speech "Millenials and Banks: “disintermediation” risk or incentive to innovate the sector?".

06.04.2016 - 07.04.2016 / Munich


Macrossing Days 2016

During the Macrossing Days 2016 in Munich, Macros Reply, in cooperation with experts, partners and clients, presents various projects and experiences from the field of process optimization for mailbox and file solutions as well as document management.

18.03.2016 / Hanover


CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena 2016

At CeBIT 2016, on March 18th, in the Digital Marketing & Experience Arena conference, Open Reply talks about the comprehensive changes for marketing driven by digital transformation.

16.03.2016 / Salsomaggiore Terme


Supply Chain Technology

Air Reply and Sideup Reply take part in Supply Chain Technology, hosted by Logisticamente in collaboration with AILOG and UPI. The event focusses on software, automation and systems that enable the reorganization of warehouse and transportations in a Supply Chain viewpoint.

15.03.2016 - 18.03.2016 / Hanover


Salesforce World Tour @ CeBIT 2016

Arlanis Reply participates in the Salesforce World Tour taking place in Hanover from 15th-18th March 2016. Arlanis Reply supports companies in customizing Salesforce solutions according to their specific needs and business models. Besides Marketing, Sales and Services, Arlanis Reply offers profound expertise in the fields of Mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT).

15.03.2016 - 16.03.2016 / Mainz


Oracle Data Warehouse / Business Analytics Conference 2016

Riverland Reply attends the Oracle Data Warehouse / Business Analytics Conference taking place in Mainz from 15 - 16 March 2016.

14.03.2016 - 18.03.2016 / Hanover


CeBIT 2016 – Digital Marketing & Experience Arena

Profondo Reply participates in the CeBIT 2016 Digital Marketing & Experience Arena, which takes place in Hanover from 14th-18th March 2016.