22.08.2015 - 23.08.2015 / Sankt Augustin


FrOSCon 2015

Live Reply will be part of the FrOSCon, an event about free software and open source at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Sankt Augustin. With more than 1500 visitors, the FrOSCon is the most important open source event in Germany and now in its 10th edition.


06.07.2015 - 07.07.2015 / Mannheim


SAP Forum for Trade 2015

Xpress Reply and Portaltech Reply participate in the SAP Forum for Trade 2015 which takes place in Mannheim from July 6 to 7, 2015.

02.07.2015 / Munich


Salesforce World Tour 2015 Munich

Arlanis Reply takes part in the Salesforce World Tour in Munich on 2 July 2015 as Platinum Sponsor.

25.06.2015 / Paris


PRMIA Recovery and Resolution Plan Event in Paris

On Thursday 25 June 2015, Avantage Reply will sponsor the PRMIA "Recovery and Resolution" event at Hotel du Louvres in Paris. The event will provide industry participants with an opportunity to share their experience and learn about the regulatory requirements. The event will be held in French.

23.06.2015 - 24.06.2015 / Dusseldorf


SAP Forum for the Consumer Goods Industry

4brands Reply participates in the SAP Forum for the Consumer Goods Industry on​ ​June, 23 - 24 2015 in Dusseldorf.​

22.06.2015 - 24.06.2015 / Munich


TDWI Conference 2015

Syskoplan Reply, Cluster Reply and Riverland Reply participate in the TDWI Conference, which will take place in Munich from June 22 to 24, 2015. This conference is the biggest event in Europe focusing on the topic Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

11.06.2015 / Bonn


TDWI Roundtable

Syskoplan Reply takes part in the TDWI Roundtable, which takes place at the University Club Bonn on 11 June 2015 from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM.​

10.06.2015 / Luxembourg


Recovery Planning: How to develop the Process and draft a Recovery Plan

On Wednesday 10 June 2015, Avantage Reply will host its "Recovery Planning" breakfast briefing in Luxembourg. The briefing will provide industry participants with an opportunity to share their views and learn about the regulatory requirements and implementation challenges.

26.05.2015 / Milan


Salesforce Essentials

Arlanis Reply will take part in Salesforce Essentials, an event dedicated to learning and innovation on Salesforce products. New products transforming how you connect with your customers, such as the Salesforce Customer Success Platform and the Cloud solutions, will be presented during the day.

21.05.2015 / Milan


Big Data for The Enterprise 2015 - The Changing Landscape of Data

Target Reply and Cloudera, in collaboration with Informatica, SAS and Dell | Intel, are organising Big Data for The Enterprise 2015 - The Changing Landscape of Data.


Financial News

Disclosure requirements pursuant to Article 77, Paragraph 3 of the Issuers' Regulations

It should be noted that the minute of the Reply S.p.A. Ordinary Shareholders’ General Meeting, held on 23 April 2015, is available to the public at the Company's registered office, on the Company’s website and on NIS-Storage authorised storage system.
Document published here.

19.05.2015 - 23.05.2015 / Milan


Intralogistica Italia 2015

Click Reply will be taking part in Intralogistica Italia 2015, a CEMAT Hannover spin-off. Intralogistica is a new exhibition dedicated to the most innovative solutions and to integrated systems for industrial handling, warehouse management, material storage and picking.

19.05.2015 / Brussels


IFRS 9: Phase 2: Impairment: The Clock is Ticking

On Tuesday 19 May 2015 Avantage Reply will host its IFRS 9 breakfast briefing in Brussels, including an IASB Senior Technical Manager. The briefing will take place in our offices and will provide industry participants with an opportunity to share their views and learn about the regulatory requirements and the implementation challenges.


Financial News

The Board of Directors approves the quarterly report dated 31 March 2015

Today, the Board of Directors of Reply S.p.A. [MTA, STAR: REY] approved the results as at 31 March 2015. All economic and financial indicators are positive.

12.05.2015 / New Electronics

Press Article

IoT Best in Breed fund set to go the distance

Innovative incubator looks to offer longer term support to 'start ups'. Neil Tyler reports.
London based Internet of Things incubator Breed Reply has just completed its second IoT Best in Breed funding round. The initiative, started last year, is intended to identify and support innovative IoT ideas.

12.05.2015 / Dusseldorf


sxConnect 2015

4brands Reply takes part in the annual client event sxConnect 2015 which is held in Castle Garath, Dusseldorf on 12 May​ 2015.

12.05.2015 - 14.05.2015 / Phoenix, AZ


Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Reply Inc will be taking part in Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference the world’s most important gathering of Supply Chain Leaders.

06.05.2015 / Electronics

Press Article

Smarter home security

Nowadays sensing technology in the home security is relatively straightforward: a bunch of motion sensors, sometimes a basic camera, and a keypad to set and disarm the alarm system. But with giant tech firms showing increasing interest in implementing smart homes in the recent years, and the increasing presence of connected devices invading our domestic space, there’s been a lot of talk and excitement about Internet of Things solutions. And it’s the fundamental human need to feel safe that is driving the break-neck speed of IoT adoption with several brands battling it out to gain hearts and minds by securing our homes. There is no doubt that home security is going towards a drastic change.

06.05.2015 / HR Grapevine

Press Article

Net–working, Engaging people in a decentralised organisation

Employee engagement has become a high priority for many companies over the last decade. But when staff are spread across multiple sites or even different countries, ensuring high levels of engagement can be a challenge.

05.05.2015 / Euromoney

Press Article

Regulation: Banks brace for Basel interest-rate risk push

Fears of Pillar 1 capital charge; Rules may hit earnings and concentrate risk. Bernard Colla, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply, shared his point of view with Euromoney.

05.05.2015 - 08.05.2015 / Munich


Transport & Logistic

Click Reply will participate in the Transport & Logistic fair in Munich from May 5 to 8. Click Reply has an own booth (Hall B2, booth Number 127) where the company will demonstrate the newest version of the Click Reply™ Warehouse Management System.