06.04.2016 - 07.04.2016 / Munich


Macrossing Days 2016

During the Macrossing Days 2016 in Munich, Macros Reply, in cooperation with experts, partners and clients, presents various projects and experiences from the field of process optimization for mailbox and file solutions as well as document management.

08.03.2016 - 10.03.2016 / Stuttgart


LogiMAT 2016

Click Reply and Sideup Reply attend at LogiMAT 2016, which takes place in Stuttgart from 8 - 10 March 2016. LogiMAT is an international trade fair specialising in distribution and the flow of materials and information.

07.03.2016 - 08.03.2016 / Zürich


Business Intelligence Agenda 2016

Blue Reply and Data Reply attend the 4th Annual Meeting Business Intelligence Agenda, taking place in Zurich from 7th - 8th March 2016.

25.02.2016 - 09.03.2016 / Milan - Stuttgart


Executive Meeting Reply: Supply Chain Execution in the era of Industry 4.0

Reply hosts an Executive Meeting dedicated to Industry 4.0 and to its effects on Executive Logistics. During the event Reply's next generation solutions solutions for Supply Chain 4.0 are presented.

22.02.2016 - 24.02.2016 / Wien


etailment Vienna 2016

Open Reply takes part in etailment taking place in Vienna from 22nd - 24th February 2016.

22.02.2016 - 25.02.2016 / Barcelona


Mobile World Congress

Sytel Reply takes part in the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. The annual event, which occurs from February 22 to 25 in Barcelona, is the number one event for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal making.

18.02.2016 / Milan


Conference for the presentation of the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory's Research

Pay Reply, the Reply Group company specialised in the development of Digital Payments solutions, contributes to the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory’s Research. Pay Reply participates in an interesting roundtable with the main players in the Telco, Banking, Technology & Service market to discuss these results.

16.02.2016 - 18.02.2016 / Essen


E-World 2016

Power Reply participates in E-world energy & water, the international congress and trade fair for the energy and utilities industry, taking place from 16 – 18 February 2016 in Essen.

11.02.2016 / Turin


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Cluster Reply and Microsoft host an event to present a dynamic, collaborative and agile approach for sales within the Manufacturing market, based on the Dynamics CRM platform.

11.02.2016 / Hamburg


Digital Media Conference 2016

Open Reply attends the Digital Media Conference, taking place in Hamburg on 11th February 2016.

11.02.2016 / Bochum


16th International CAR Symposium

Cluster Reply and Riverland Reply attend the 16th International CAR Symposium in Bochum, taking place on 11th February 2016.

04.02.2016 / FX-MM

Press Article

Blockchain: Transforming correspondent banking

Blockchain technology’s potential in changing the banking processes has created a dilemma for financial institutions uncertain of how best to use the exciting new technology. The article analyses the evolution of the technology and the different scenario behind it, while focusing on the aspects that will be positively affected by the adoption of the blockchain technology. The feature displays the voice of the most prominent experts of the field, including Fausto Jori, Partner at Reply​.​


News & Communication

Portaltech Reply and SPAR ICS for Hervis: new Customer Engagement and Commerce platform

Portaltech Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in consulting services for multi-channel eCommerce strategies and solutions, has partnered with SPAR ICS, the group-wide assessed IT service centre of SPAR Austria Group, to provide to Hervis, a SPAR brand leader in sports apparel and equipment, a new ecommerce omni-channel platform.

03.02.2016 - 05.02.2016 / Malmö


2016 OTM User Conference Europe

Business Reply takes part in 2016 OTM User Conference Europe, the event hosted by OTM SIG User Group. The annual gathering for OTM topics is composed by in-depth debates.

02.02.2016 - 03.02.2016 / Munich


LOCA Conference 2016

Open Reply and Profondo Reply take part in the LOCA Conference on Location Technology and Service in Retail, Logistics, Aviation & Travel, taking place in Munich from 2nd to 3rd February 2016.


Financial News

Company events 2016 Calendar

According to the Italian Stock Exchange Regulation, Reply S.p.A. has defined the following company events calendar for the year 2016.


News & Communication


​Breed Reply, Reply's advanced incubator that funds and supports the development of Internet of Things (IoT) start-ups in Europe and the USA, announces that agreements have been signed with two additional start-ups: Amiko in the Healthcare industry and Zeetta Networks in the Smart City sector.

21.01.2016 / Paris


ACPR, EBA and ECB: the new Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP)

On January 21, 2016, PRMIA, with the collaboration of Avantage Reply, hosts a briefing session on the new Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP). Avantage Reply will have the honour to welcome Mr. Frederic Vinovsky, Deputy Secretary General at the ACPR.

20.01.2016 / Amsterdam


The Year in Risk

On Wednesday 20 January 2016, Avantage Reply is​​ sponsoring the first PRMIA panel meeting of 2016, entitled “The Year in Risk” that takes place at the Amsterdam​ Institute of Finance.

17.12.2015 / Riskminds

Press Article

Risk Review - an insight into the industry

Risk information technology has become a key cog in 21st century banking, regardless of geographic location or institutional size. The pressures on banks' risk it teams are tremendous as they deal with fastchanging regulatory and business demands. It is critical that financial instituitions have the necessary risk infrastucture in place to accommodate their business strategy.​​


News & Communication

The first accelerators developed by the Reply Competence Centre and based on the Blockchain Technology are ready to go

Reply presents the first accelerators based on the Blockchain technology, developed by the company’s Competence Centre in Europe. The Centre consists of highly skilled professionals able to support the Fintech industry through their understanding and analysis of the potential offered by the Blockchain technology, and thanks to the experimentation of these new technologies through accelerators that enable the development of expert business solutions.