Manufacturing & Consumer Products

The speed of innovation in Manufacturing & Consumer Products industry is increasing. Price wars, short product life cycles, large numbers of sales partners: these are the conditions prevailing in the struggle for customers. Customer-specific price models, services and additional offers are decisive factors affecting the turnover of higher-quality products.

Differentiation and internal excellence

In addition to the need to differentiate themselves from their competitors, quality, speed and flexibility are critical factors affecting the success of business processing and service. Reply works alongside businesses during all corporate IT System transformation and management phases; from strategic design to the conception and redefinition of core processes, up to the implementation of solutions to ensure applications integrate within the Extended Enterprise. Reply's solutions support customers' strategy of achieving effective customer relationships and efficient business processing.

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GROM Ice Cream

Microsoft Dynamics

GROM is in a pattern of growth that requires the right IT support. The project for the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics has been entrusted to Reply.

Martini & Rossi

Traceability project

With the support of Reply, Martini has completed the process to adjust and upgrade its IT systems to manage the traceability of all production and distribution processes.


SAP solution for direct marketing

Vorwerk is the third largest company worldwide of direct marketing for the cleaning system Kobold 1930.