Logistics & Distribution

The world of Logistics and Distribution services is characterized by numerous challenges and historically low margins. This demanding field is made of a vast network of integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions..

Distribution, Warehouse & Supply Chain Logistics Management

Technological innovation in this sector involves the development of logistics and distribution projects and the design of systems that can regulate Supply Chains, evermore capable of shortening the time taken to adapt to new product specifications, said product specifications increasingly defined by the client and increasingly variable.

Reply bases its integrated solutions for executive logistics on its proprietary Click Reply™ suite. Besides, to respond to the needs of businesses looking to implement Warehouse Management solutions in a short time or for a certain period, Reply has developed SideUp Reply™, a warehouse management platform based on Cloud Computing architecture.

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Click Reply™

FIAT Production Plants

FIAT selected Click Reply™ for production plant management. Reply’s integrated platform for Supply Chain Execution has already been used in many industrial sectors: automotive, fast moving-consumer goods, electronic-consumer goods, telecommunications and catalogue sales industries, fashion.

SideUp Reply™

IVECO Defence Vehicles

Reply supports IVECO Defence Vehicles, a Company forming part of the market leading military and civil protection vehicle manufacturer Group, IVECO, with its logistics management.

Defence Logistics

Defence Management Journal

The UK Ministry of Defence has embarked on a new end-to-end logistics approach. Reply develops the Enterprise Architecture and delivers an implementation roadmap.