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On the back of an impetus of legislative developments, the progressive orientation towards renewable energy sources and an ever greater level of competition, Energy & Utilities market operators have undertaken innovative process and technological initiatives, especially in electricity and gas distribution. The Energy & Utilities market: Reply’s offering

Reply supports utilities of gas, water and electricity

In recent years, Energy & Utilities companies are focused, on one side, on trading and sales to the end user and the development and management of the distribution networks, on the other. Reply supports them in terms of their initiatives governing operational, organisational and technological changes and adaptations, concentrating on the progressive orientation towards renewable sources and the increased competition offered by a free market.

Within Europe, Reply is recognised for its work alongside the leading energy operators concerning Pricing and Forecasting definition projects and as well as projects which adopt Smart Metering and Meter Data Management technologies, systems which the company has already employed within Italy.

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Case Studies

Dolomiti Energia Success Case

Reply supported the client and ensured the supervision for the implementation of the TeleManagement solution.


Since their relationship began in 2006, Oracle Utilities and Power Reply have worked closely together. By leveraging their capabilities in IT and business consulting, Reply and Oracle are currently working together on IT projects at major European utilities.